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is to build a healing community with God and each other through worship, prayer and living the Gospel.



Pray for relief from the Covid-19 and give us peace










Pastor Ann's Office hours - Covid-19

Pastor Ann will not be maintaining her scheduled office hours due to the Bishop's order to follow NYS essential business guidelines effective 3/22/20.

Pastor Ann is available by phone @ 716-777-9149 and will be available if you require her during this period.

Pastor Ann's Sunday Sermons

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and the Bishop orders to cancel Church Services through Easter (for now) Pastor Ann will be posting her Sunday Sermons for this period. Please go to the Sunday Sermon tab and you can click on her sermons through Palm Sunday. 

As of Sunday March 15, 2020 - UPDATE - March 18

By the order of the Bishop regarding Covid-19 and In-person services at Churches, Trinity will be cancelling In-person services though Holy Week and Easter. This includes all Sunday Services and Wednesday Healing & Bible Study.

As of 3/20 the Bishop has issued a a letter to all Clergy that states that due to the Governor's of NY and Penn. latest declaration all churches will be closed, except for Food Panty's, beginning 3/22 @ 8 PM. No one except Food Pantry personnel should be in our Church

Palm Sunday and Holy week on line with the Bishop

For Palm Sunday and Holy week services with the Bishop Sean and other leaders from across the partnership dioceses via the Zoom platform click on the Diocese web site below: 


On Palm Sunday, April 5

Trinity Altar Guild will have palms available on the Church steps after 9 AM in a in a bucket of water for anyone that wants to to take one.






Dean Melinda Hall of the Cathedral of St. Paul in Erie has created a video Stations of the Cross for use while our church buildings are closed.

Find it at the link above or on YouTube.

A note from Pastor Ann

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we are living through the strangest of times, aren't we? It is so hard when we don't gather as a parish family once or twice a week, as most of us do, in one group or another. I want you to know that you are on my mind always, as I keep my office hours or sit here at my desk at home.

I find that I'm in prayer more often than usual for me, and you are always in my prayers. I feel a great sense of dislocation, sitting here at home, with all my normal routines disrupted, and I assume that you all are experiencing something similar. Our lives become smaller and smaller, unless we make deliberate attempts to connect, either by telephone or on line.

I have been working on setting up some sort of virtual worship for us to gather as a group. Apparently I can record on Facebook live, and you all would be able to participate, whether you are on Facebook or not. Getting the proper equipment has been more difficult than I thought -- the clerk at Best Buy reminded me that teachers are setting up online courses, and they are buying up equipment like hotcakes! I do hope that you can see this time of separation and isolation in two ways: perhaps as a Lenten discipline, a time to truly reflect and be a little less busy -- but most of all as an act of ministry.

We are loving our neighbor, and each other, by staying apart. Not only do we keep ourselves safer and healthier, but we avoid inadvertently spreading this virus to others, and we even love our health care workers by not overburdening the health care system. I will have much more to say to you in the coming days, but for now, stay home, stay safe, pray for me as I do for you, We are still family in Christ, even when we can not meet together and share a physical sign of the Peace.

Pastor Ann

Pastor Ann's Sunday Sermons

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and the Bishop orders to cancel Church Services through Easter (for now) Pastor Ann will be posting her Sunday Sermons for this period. Please go to the Sunday Sermon tab and you can click on her sermons through Maundy Thursday. 

Trinity's Prayer List

While we as a congregation cannot pray together for the people on our prayer list as we do each Sunday please take time to pray individually for the following:

Trinity Prayer List, Week of March 22

Please Pray For: Johanna, Paul, Andrew, Brady, LuAnne, Tristan, Terri, Joyce Z, Janet, Joe, Dawn, Bill, Elaine, Ted, Kathy, Gloria O, Florence , Rachel, Karen, Jason, Casey, Erica J, Kathy G, Joanie, Charlie L, Kevin D, Brittany V, Dave S, Bob, Mary & Iz, Tom, Kathy T, Colleen, Gretchen B, Margaret M, Thomas S, Joyce F, Melissa, Sean R, Denise S, Ann, Michael, Drew, Linda N, Vicki A, Kevin & Carrie, and Dale F.

This list will be updated and published each week that we do not have services.

Thank you

Trinity Pledges/Donations

While we are under the guidelines of COVID-19 and postponing all Church services currently through Easter the Diocese is offering a way for pledges/donations to continue by online offerings waving any fees.

As a Parish we currently can continue to pay all of our monthly obligations and bills for a short duration of time.

If this period continues Trinity would ask, if possible, for you to continue with pledge/donations by mailing to the church or utilizing a electronic form of submission. Trinity understands that the closing of many business may not make this possible for everyone.

If the essential business restrictions continue and you find yourself at a financial loss and wish to amend your 2020 pledge please contact Don Harder, Trinity's Treasurer. This will enable Trinity to reassess its budget and fund raising for 2020.

Below is link that the Diocese offers electronic pledges/donations.

Thank you & may God carry you through these times.



Although church buildings are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the work of congregations continues, and the need for pledge income and gifts is urgent. The bishop's office has launched a new online giving platform that accepts gifts and pledge payments for any congregation

While in-person church services are suspended, the partnership dioceses will absorb payment processing fees so that your entire gift will go to your congregation for local mission. Please support our congregations during this unprecedented time by keeping your pledge payments current if your own income is uninterrupted.

Support your congregation online  https://onrealm.org/EpiscopalDioces/-/give/wnynwpa

Vestry Updates
New Business - Covid-19 updates - Sr Warden Becky Arcese

March 18

The Presiding Bishop has ordered all parishes to close through Holy Week and Easter.

The Altar Guild has decided to cancel flower orders for memorials and Thanksgivings since there won't be an Easter service. However, we will publish the list of those submitted when we come together again, just as we would for Easter.

The March Women of Trinity meeting is cancelled, there will be no April meeting, but they are proceeding with their Spring Flowering Basket Sale for Mother's Day.

We understand that there are going to be financial difficulties ahead for some people, and we realize that fulfilling your pledge obligation may be hindered by this. If this is the case, please contact Don Harder to speak with him in confidence about it. 

For those of us who are able to continue to fulfill our pledges, please mail them in or use your online banking capability to send them in. We will continue to pay our bills as faithfully as we can. And, as always, we thank you for your generosity.

The Breakfast with the Bunny has been cancelled due to the closing of the parish and the recommendations for social distancing. Discussions will be held to schedule another children's outreach event when things get back to "normal".

Life as we know it has changed and will be that way for some time, but we are not alone. We hope that we continue to be a strong community and that distance worship services will be available soon. Bishop Sean says that he is working with clergy on that.

We will continue to update you as necessary.

Please let Pastor Ann know when someone needs pastoral care, at home, or, if allowed, in hospital.

Be well.

March 20

The Bishop has closed all church buildings closed except for essential food programs. The only people who will be allowed to use the parish are the Food Pantry volunteers.

Pastor Ann is investigating ways for us to maintain some sense of community and prayer, as well as contact with the congregation, by remote worship or videotaped sermons. She is also writing her sermons so that they can be shared on the website, on our FB site and I will attach them to another email when it becomes available to me.

Pastor Ann will be unable to hold office hours. Any urgent needs can be communicated to her by phone, and arrangements will be made according to what the present orders by New York State, which right now are one order short of sheltering in place.

If you want to check on another parishioner, I have a list of cell phone numbers and emails so that you can contact them. The bishop has said that he hopes that clergy and lay people will do that.


Holy Week Services Easter Sunday_opt- CANCELLED

Times for the following Holy Week services are scheduled as follows:

  • Tuesday 4/6: Evening Prayer and Stations of the Cross - 7 PM no Eucharist
  • Wednesday 4/7: Tenebrae service - 7 PM no Eucharist
  • Thursday 4/8: Maundy Thursday - 6 PM soup and bread supper in parish hall with Holy Eucharist Dinner, stripping of the Altar
  • Friday 4/9: Good Friday Liturgy Friday - 7 PM Holy Eucharist
  • Saturday 4/10: Easter Vigil Saturday - 7 PM candle light service
  • Sunday 4/11: Easter Sunday - 8 AM & 10 AM Holy Eucharist services



April 4th - Breakfast with the Bunny! - CANCELLED  

The annual Breakfast with the Bunny is cancelled in following guidelines from the Bishop and Erie County Health Department in containing events to 10 or less people.

Another child friendly event will be planned and will include a basket raffle with donations already received from local businesses after the current Covid-19 period passes. 

Our sincere thank you goes out to the business that have made a donation.


Altar Guild

Cancelled - Since Easter Services are cancelled per the Bishop Easter memorial/thanksgiving requests and plant order forms are cancelled. 

● Anyone who has questions or concerns regarding the Altar Guild, procedure for offering
a memorial or thanksgiving during the year or would like to become a member can
contact Marlane Hodgkiss, Directress at 796-4342 and I will be happy to talk to you and
help you out. 

 The next Altar guild meeting will be Sunday May 17, 2020 at 9:00 AM between services.




The next WOT meeting scheduled for March 29th is cancelled due to the Covid-19

Currently the Spring Plant Sale will take place as planned. 

Prices and varieties will be the same as last year. We will offer 10" round hanging baskets for $16.00

Orders will be due by April 26th. Pickup will be May 7th 12 PM - 2 PM & 6 PM - 8 PM.

Order forms will be available in bulletins starting in April or can be downloaded by clicking here.



Vestry - Old Business

● The Vestry met on Sunday, February 23rd and discussed the recent repair and
maintenance of the boiler. It cost more than we had originally thought, but as with
many things, the deeper the technician got into it, the more he realized that his original
intentions had to be modified. The boiler is about 50 years old, and may need a strainer,
which keeps sediment from building up in the pipes by catching it before it gets into
the system. That will be more costly, but, for this time, we had a benefactor who helped
us greatly with a donation which covered the original estimate, and we are so grateful
for the generosity.
● Then we discussed the skylight which is around 40 years old and has been caulked and
roofed around, and still leaks whenever it rains or snow melts. In the spring, Joe will get
up on the roof and see what size we need so he can see how much a new one would
cost. The parish hall would be so dark without that natural light that it would be
unpleasant, so taking the fixture out and putting a ceiling in would be do-able, but
should be reserved as a last resort. If anyone is so moved to contribute to the cost of a
new skylight, that would be appreciated.
● In that vein, we reviewed plans for a chicken BBQ in June in cooperation with the B & G
Club. Becky will call BW and see what dates are available, and then contact Jeff Kupka, a
director, to see what dates work for both of us. (Jeff said that June 7th or 14th would
work best for them, so we’ll decide soon) So, look for that to happen. We decided that
presale tickets are difficult to sell, and difficult to track when ticket-holders come after
the event and expect their dinner to be waiting. We could do it, by selling different
colored tickets and making sure that the number of presale tickets sold had chickens
reserved, but we don’t plan to be here after all is over. We could have sold more dinners
last year, but we didn’t count on such a great turnout.
● Our next meeting will be on March 22, due to there being 5 Sundays in March.



Sunday School

Sunday School registration for 2019 - 2020 is now in progress.

Sunday School meets every Sunday at 10:00 AM in their class room and always has room for more.

We encourage all children to attend. The teachers have spent time to plan their curriculum and have a lor coming up for the year.

Please fill out a Sunday School registration form for each child and return it to the church office or the Sunday School Teachers.

Another first for us this year...we are working on a Lenten project. Instead of "giving up" something in honor of the Lenten season, our kiddos are going to "give out" acts of kindness. Each week, they are given a paper chain link and then they choose an act of
kindness and during the week, they are expected to complete the act. It is very apparent in our busy busy world, we forget the simple acts of sharing a smile with a
stranger, picking up garbage in the neighborhood or sharing with a younger sibling.
● Upon completion, we plan to have a colorful chain to share with you! Please take a look
as we continue to build our chain throughout the next 40 days!


Trinity newsletter

If you have items for the next newsletter please submit them to the church office (can be left in the slot in the office door) or sent by email. We hope to publish regularly to keep us all in communication about what's happening at Trinity!

All calendar items, info, & events that you want included in the newsletter must be submitted to the office by the 27th of the month to be published in the newsletter for the following month.

All calendar events should be submitted to the office marked "Attn - Don Harder" so they can be added to the website calendar, since it will only be accessible through a link on the e-mailed newsletter. Also - please mark your events on the calendar on the office door.

Please submit e-mail addresses to receive the newsletter in your email and save the church paper and printing cost.


Trinity is always in need of Volunteers to team up and serve as Altar Guild Members, Ushers, Lectors, and Acolytes

Let Pastor Ann know if you can answer this call to action for our parish! Volunteering will help fill openings in the existing schedules, that require serving usually once a month.

To read more about the what the Altar Guild does click

here Altar Guild

To see the current Usher, Lector and Acolyte schedule click here Ministers of the Liturgy

You can contact Pastor Ann during her office hours posted on the Church Calendar (click here Calendar) or email her at trinitylancaster1@roadrunner.com for interest in any position.


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