Trinity Lancaster, Altar Guild

Welcome to the Trinity Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the altar for weekly services & communion, makes sure the altar linens and vestments are clean, lay out the Priest vestments, make sure there is enough supplies such as wine, communion wafers, candles, weekly flowers, decorating the Church for Easter & Christmas, set up for Baptisms and set up & oversee weddings and funerals held at the Church.

Who are we?

The Altar Guild currently has 9 Members:

- Marlane Hodgkiss, Directress

- Mary Rose Kotlowski, Secretary

- Jack Hodgkiss, Member

- Elaine Zamrok, Member

- Ron Zamrok, Member

- Judy Borschel, Member

- Beverly Tomaka, Member

- Sara Stoltman, Member

- Patti Harder, Member

- Karen Walzak, Member

When do we meet?

We schedule 3 meetings per year, Ash Wednesday, Ascension Day in May & the Sunday following All Saints Day which is on November 1st. The next meeting is June 2, 2019 @ 9:00 AM.

How do I designate a Memorial or Thanksgiving for a Sunday Service?

Anyone wishing to designate a memorial or a thanksgiving for a particular Sunday can do so by either sponsoring the fresh floral arrangement or the sanctuary candle.  For a floral arrangement the charge is $25 and that person is free to take it home after both services. A Memorial/Thanksgiving for the Sanctuary Candle is $10.

Memorial/Thanksgiving Request form

There are envelopes marked "Altar Guild Memorial/Thanksgiving Request" on the table at the front of the church and on the table in the hallway outside of the secretary's office sliding glass window.

If you wish to make a memorial inside the envelope is a form to fill out and enclose your check/cash. Place the completed form and donation in the envelope, seal it and deposit it in the Sunday collection plate or place it in the mail slot on the secretary office door. There also is a form on the Parish website that can be downloaded, filled in, and placed in the Sunday collection plate, or place it in the mail slot on the secretary office door, or mailed to the Church. Click here to open the form, download it, print it (ctrl P) and fill it out : Altar Guild Memorial/Thanksgiving Request form

Note - All requests must be received in the church office by the Sunday before the requested date desired. 

Checks should be made out to Trinity Episcopal Church, in the memo section of the check write "Altar Guild". The Altar Guild is self funded, as we receive no financial assistance from the Church budget or from member pledges. All the money used to buy the necessary supplies is raised through the Easter, Christmas and weekly memorial donations, money received from the votive candles on the prayer stand or any miscellaneous donations. 

How do I become a member?

Anyone interested in becoming an altar guild member can call Marlane Hodgkiss at 716-796-4342. We are always in need of new members to volunteer their time to this worthwhile and rewarding ministry. Many hands make the work light. The work is minimal but the reward is great!!!

Members Schedule

Members are scheduled monthly.

The 2019 schedule for the month is:

March: Mary Rose & Karen

April: Patti & Judy

May: Bev & Mary Rose


Next Meeting: Sunday May 17, 2020 @ 9:00 AM