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History of Trinity Lancaster

Through the Years!

1867 Bella Grimes rented a`hall on Central Ave owned by William H. Grimes for the first service. It was known as the “Grimes Church.”  Mr Grimes also donated a piano, chancel, altar and started a movement to obtain a pipe organ. 

1880 – The cornerstone (southwest corner of the building) was laid with The Right Rev. A. Cleveland Cox (Bishop) presiding. 

1882 – Tuesday, January  10th, Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church formally opened.  The Women’s Guild was very instrumental in acquiring much of the support and funding for the construction of the building. 

The NAVE (pew area) suggests a voyage in a seaworthy vessel (upside down ark) as a symbol of the pilgrimage through life to salvation – seating capacity 180. WOOD TABERNACLE for ashes, anointing oil was given by the Ladies Mite Society (former name for the Women’s Guild). 

1887 – The oldest window in the Church, aka, The Lee Window” was given in memory of the Rev Cyrus P. Lee.  The inscription reads:  “The Eunuch said, see here is water, what doth hinder me to be baptized.”  (the Eunuch was an Ethiopian)  Acts 8:26.  The window was dedicated on All Saints Day.  The original Baptismal Font was also received.  The Tabernacle Cross was given in memory of Henry A. Dann. 

1888 – The first census was taken:  37 families and 60 children in Sunday School. 

1891 –  In May, the pipe organ was presented to Trinity in memory of William Grimes Davis. 

1895 – Original ALTAR in memory of the Rev Edward Ingersoll.  In 1980 @ 100th Anniversary, a time capsule was installed in the altar to be opened at Trinity’s 200th Anniversary in 2080.  The wooden chest contains photos, newsletter, parish photo album, etc. 

1896 – Communion Rail dedicated to the late Rev Henry Smith Huntington, 1st Rector of Trinity Church. 

1900 – The pulpit was given in memory of Lille Graves Davis. 

1903 – The Women’s Guild of Trinity worked diligently to help provide funds for the improvements of the Church.  They had been meeting in the basement (undercroft) with a dirt floor.  Only one room had floorboards, but it still was wet after heavy rains. So that summer a cement floor was laid at a cost of $100. 

1919 – The “Bell Tower” blew down and the NARTHEX (vestibule) was built and dedicated to the memory of Samuel F. Hartman and Isabelle Grimes Hartman by their daughter, Estelle Hartman Stephens. 

1923 – Original Parish Hall was built and dedicated to Senator George Davis. 

1923 – Grandchildren of Estelle Stephens, George Davis and Gladys Davis donated the Simeon Window (Luke 2:25-35). 

1928 – The Cant Window was given in memory of Carolyn and William Cant from Helen Cant Barle.  The window depicts the TRINITY.  Has everything in it -- Holy Spirit dove, Alpha/Omega, Father, Son, Rainbow, Sun, Moon, Clouds, Holy Communion and the snake from the Garden of Eden. 

1929 – Seat cushions for the pews were added and in 1991 replaced thru a donation of Dr. and Mrs. Kling. 

1933 – Kinnecutt Window was added in memory of Miss Nora A. Kinnecutt. 

1945 – Hubbard Window – in memory of Charles H. Hubbard. 

1951 – Hurd Window depicting St. George clad in amour and piercing the dragon with a lance or slashing the dragon with a sword.  This window in memory of Lt. Judson P. Hurd, killed in action in Korea in 1951. 

1950’s – Cushing Window – in memory of Lucy Hamilton Cushing and Franklin Seth Cushing.  This window shows the Virgin Mary and Jesus. 

1955 – 75th Anniversary. 

Major repairs (restorations) were undertaken, with $28,000 raised.  Roof, walls, floors repaired; wiring and lighting installed; a new Moeller pipe organ and console purchased.  Ceiling painted blue with clouds and stars. 

1958 – The SACRISTY was refurbished in memory of Robert Neil Hubbard. 

1960 – The original altar rail was moved from the step just in front of the altar to its present position at the Chancel steps, which made a more efficient traffic flow for communion. 

1974 – Stations of the Cross carved by the Trinity Art Group organized by Larry Kell.  Additional wooden carvings depicting bible stories are in the Parish Hall. 

1985 – March 23, fire destroyed the Parish Hall. 

1986 – April, 27 the new Parish Hall was dedicated. 

Library fireplace was dedicated in memory of John “Ray” Newbury from his wife, Freda.  Picture of the mantel – Celebration of the Glory Hallelujah Mass (1969); first time in any Christian church a concelebrated Holy Communion was offered, where R.C., Lutheran and Episcopal celebrants administered not only to their own, but also to Baptists and Methodists. 

1986 – Dedication of the Jean Whiteford Chapel (now the nursery).  Pews were donated from St. Mary’s RC on Hill (after their remodeling), Cross in memory of Anna and George Safford (1954) and altar from the St Mary Chapel (baptistery). 

1980’s – The Columbarium was established with 70 niches and has since been expanded. 

1988 – The Baptistry was rededicated for Rev John Whiteford’s 23 years of service as Rector from the people of Trinity and is now known as the Whiteford Baptistry and Columbarium.  

1996 – St. Luke Window dedicated March 30 in memory of Dr. Milton P. Palmer by his wife Doris and son William. 

2005 – 125th Anniversary. 

Capital Restoration / Improvement Campaign.  Major work and updates done on the exterior of this Historic building as well as restoration of the vintage organ.  

2006 - Renovation of Undercroft began with removal of old classroom partitions.  Insulation of walls and a new floor followed. 

2008 - Wheelchair lift installed entering side wall of Narthex.

2012 - Wheelchair lift enclosed and pointing redone on outside brick.

2013 - Undercroft drainage installed and new ceramic tile floor installed.