Sept/Oct 2017 Ministers of the Liturgy



19th Sunday of Penetecost
8:00 AM   10:00 AM
Ron Z Usher Volunteers
Becky A Lector


 Jack H Acolyte Alyss
  Counters volunteer/Craig


20th Sunday of Pentecost
8:00 AM   10 AM
Dennis Usher Zach, Seamus
Marlane H Lector T Jackson
Ron Z Acolyte volunteer
   Counters MaryRose & Joyce
  10/29 21st Sunday of Penetecost
8 AM   10 AM
Ron Z Usher Kevin, Don
Paul G. Lector Volunteer
Jack H. Acolyte Volunteer
  Counters Lynn, Craig
   11/5  22nd Sunday of Penetecost
8 AM     
Ron Z   Usher  Craig, Amy
Paul G  Lector  Julia T 
Jack H  Acolyte  Bill P, Alyssa
  Counters  Theresia, Lynn