Trinity Lancaster Sunday School

Welcome to Trinity Sunday School

Our Sunday School teachers do a wonderful job teaching and caring for the youth of our Church, including providing a nursery for the littlest ones. 

Class consist of a weekly age appropriate lesson usually accompanied by a craft or game. We join the church service to receive Holy Eucharist  or a blessing and then return to the church hall for a small snack. Class is usually around 45 min.  We are an extremely Kid friendly church. We do teach the children appropriate behavior expected during mass but also realize they are children.  Pastor Karen doesn't mind if we have a few little footsteps running around during the service.

When Do We Meet

Sunday School is held every Sunday during the 10:00 A.M. Holy Eucharist Service from September through June, except for Family Sundays and Holiday vacations, in the Parish Hall.

How do I enroll my children

Anyone interested in joining any of our classes can use the form in the Sunday bulletin, or use the form on the next tab 2016 Sunday School Registration, or contact the church office.  Forms have been mailed to all students enrolled last year. The form must be filled out and returned to the church office by Sunday September 11, 2016. This helps our teachers know if there are any health concerns or food allergies it also provides us with contact information for our monthly news letter.

Sunday School contacts:

Lynne Martin:
Danielle Monin:
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