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is to build a healing community with God and each other through worship, prayer and living the Gospel.


Come join us for the Lenten Season - it starts with Ash Wednesday March 1st







Ash Wednesday Services

Ashes to go - TBA

7:00 PM Holy Eucharist service and distribution of Ashes


Sunday School News

There will be no Sunday School on February 5 (family Sunday) or February 12. On the 12th Sunday School Teachers and the Confirmation class will be attending the Bicentennial service at St. Paul's Cathedral at 139 Pearl St, Buffalo. All are welcome to attend.

Sunday School is an important mission at Trinity. Many families join us because of the guidance and support their children receive in a loving, Jesus-centered environment.

The Sunday School is seeking additional teachers and Leaders. Is it your turn? Talk to Pastor Karen or Danielle Abraham to learn more!


Volunteers Needed for Rosie

A few volunteers are needed to meet once a month with Rosie to talk about her internship experience and offer relevant feedback. Call the office or speak to Pastor Karen. 


New Hall Reservation policy now in affect (June 2016)

Since the completion of the under-croft in addition to the main parish hall, we have experienced a significant increase in hall reservations this past year. In order to ensure that all reservations can be accommodated there is a new policy going in effect for all reservations going forward.

All requests (Scouts, Non-profit organizations, clubs, individuals) must complete the Parish Hall Usage Agreement and submit it to the Office for confirmation and a reserved time and location.

Please print out the form (or request a form from the Office), fill it out, include all the required documents, and submit it to the Office. Once received the Office will review it and make the reservation as long as time, date, and the hall location is available,

Remember - No reservation will be made until the interested person/group has received an email from the Church Office stating the date, time, hall location that the reservation has been confirmed for. 


Living Compass

Living Compass is a web site dedicated to relating our faith with our physical and emotional well-being. It offers a feature called Weekly Words of Wellness, written by Scott Spooner, as a resource for churches wishing to promote spiritual health as a component of overall wellness.

I'm sending you the January 20th Living Compass column because it is about remaining in healthy relationship with people whose views oppose one's own.

It struck me as being very timely since our country was so polarized by the election - Pastor Karen


Weekly Words of Wellness
The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner
The Living Compass Wellness Initiative
January 20, 2017
Staying Connected in the Midst of Conflict

     I am currently in Israel on a trip through the Holy Lands and so am sharing a column that I wrote six years ago regarding being in relationship with people who have strong differences of opinion regarding politics.  It is interesting how relevant it still is both in Israel, in the United States, and throughout the world.  

     With the recent intensity of political division in our country people are being presented with plenty of opportunities to practice their conflict resolution skills.  Family members, friends, and colleagues who find themselves on opposite ends of the political spectrum are finding their relationships challenged, as emotions are high and the language on both sides becomes increasingly more inflammatory.  Thus, it seems that now is good time to share a few thoughts about how to manage and/or resolve conflict, so that healthy relationships can be maintained, and maybe even strengthened, in the midst of conflict.  
     I write from two perspectives, as a marriage and family therapist and as an Episcopal priest.  As a therapist, I help couples and families resolve conflict every day.  As a pastor, I work with faith communities that are  made up people who represent the full range of  political views, conservative to liberal. 

     So from these two perspectives, I offer a few tips on how to maintain healthy connections with others, even in the midst of conflict. This is list is by no means meant to be exhaustive.
  • Listen.  Listen.  Listen.  Few people make the mistake of listening too much, especially in the midst of conflict.  Listen to the position of the other person until you understand it so well that you can articulate it just as clearly as your own.  Somehow people have confused compassionate listening and understanding with agreeing.  They are not the same.  Mutual listening and understanding are foundational to conflict resolution, and remember that if through listening you find your position changing somewhat, this is not a sign of weakness.
  • Understand the narrative that has given rise to the other person's position.  All positions, all view points, are embedded in a life narrative that has been formed and informed by important people, places, experiences, core values and beliefs unique to that person.   Knowing all of this will help you understand the emotions that the person connects with their position.  At the same time, be aware of your own narrative, your own life experiences that have formed and shaped your positions and view points. When you encounter a person whose opinions are very different from your own, a couple of great questions to ask are, "How did you come to believe what you believe? Who were the important people and what where the important life experiences that formed the opinions you have today?"
  • Remember that the problem or issue which is being debated is the problem, and don't make the person with whom you are disagreeing the problem. 
  • Avoid inflammatory language and always avoid demonizing the other person.  Never resort to name calling or degrading language. Be respectful at all times.
  • Practice humility.  Articulate your perspective strongly, but know that in any complex matter, there are intelligent, ethical, well-meaning people who see things differently than you do.  
  • Affirm what unites you, rather than merely focusing on what divides you.  There are often higher ideals that both sides agree on, even though they  disagree on the best way to enact those ideals.  If possible, look for genuine ways you can "meet in the middle" and when you cannot, then assert and act on your opinions and beliefs in a way that is respectful.
   Times of conflict, believe it or not, can even strengthen a relationship because during such times we show our deepest passions, and what it is that truly defines us. Through that process we will also come to know one another more fully.  There is a vulnerability when we reveal our deepest passions and ideals to  one another, and this has the potential to deepen relationships.  If we can do this with respect, integrity and compassion, we will find that we can maintain healthy relationships, even in the midst of conflict. 


Thank you to everyone who has stepped forward to serve as acolytes in the past weeks especially at the 10 AM service. May God bless you for your ministry. If you would like to try this ministry out, please let Pastor Karen know.



Trinity Church now has a way for you to make electronic offerings to the church right from your personal computer/smart phone. This new service allows you to give any amount, at anytime, from home or on the road, with your computer or even your mobile device. 

To read more about this easy option checkout the  web page here myEoffering



Trinity is always in need of Volunteers to team up and serve as Altar Guild Members, Ushers, Lectors, and Acolytes

Let Pastor Karen know if you can answer this call to action for our parish! Volunteering will help fill openings in the existing schedules, that require serving usually once a month.

To read more about the what the Altar Guild does click

here Altar Guild

To see the current Usher, Lector and Acolyte schedule click here Ministers of the Liturgy

You can contact Pastor Karen during her office hours posted on the Church Calendar (click here Calendar) or email her at trinitylancaster1@roadrunner.com for interest in any position.


Office Hours

Our office person is Claudia Scheda.
Claudia is a supply Priest at St. Aiden's in Alden. For now, until we figure out her hours the office will be open during Pastor Karen's office hours.


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Mark your calendar - Confirmation will be Sunday March 12, 2017 (changed from April 30)

Classes are on Sunday's in the Library from 9:15 AM until 9:45 AM (between the 8:00 

AM and 10:00 AM services). The Confirmands have the option of selecting sponsors to help present them to the Bishop at the Confirmation service. There will be an instructed Eucharist at the 10 AM service on Feb.12 for anyone who wishes to attend.

To view class dates and topics go to the web page or click here: 2016/2017 Confirmation/Inquirers Group Meeting Schedule



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  • Bible Study has been studying Acts of the Apostles. It's not too late to join - just bring your bible or borrow one from our Library. We meet at 10:45 AM Thursday's immediately following Healing Prayers.    

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